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Attorney Aguirre offers juvenile immigration legal services in El Paso, TX

Making the U.S. your permanent home is a wonderful thing, but the immigration process can be difficult. Juvenile immigration is a fast track to residency for minors that's quicker than a formal adoption. The Law Office of Henry Aguirre offers juvenile immigration legal services in El Paso, TX. During this process, you'll go to family court, name a custodian for the child seeking residency and make adjustments for the child as needed.

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What qualifies for juvenile immigration law?

Immigration law is a complicated field that can be difficult to understand. If you're a minor interested in obtaining U.S. citizenship, juvenile immigration may be the right option for you. You may want to pursue juvenile immigration if you're:

✔ Undocumented
✔ Living in the U.S.
✔ Under the age of 18

An immigration law attorney can help you understand if you qualify for juvenile immigration and determine the best way to move forward with your bid for U.S. residency. Call attorney Aguirre today if you need immigration legal services.